Success Story • September 26 ,2022

CJ Logistics Case Study

TOPIC • Manufacturer, Shippers & 3PLs

National Logistics Provider Leverages KALERIs YMS to Gain Visibility and Improve Operations Across Multiple Logistics Centers


Using the Kaleris YMS, CJ Logistics is providing a higher level of customer service while also reducing its own costs and improving supply chain visibility.

When CJ Logistics took on a large new client, the number of trailers entering and leaving its yard increased dramatically, making yard management more complex. To gain better visibility and improve operations across its three logistics centers, CJL decided to implement the Kaleris Yard Management System (YMS).

“We continue to explore new options to increase visibility and lower costs throughout our customers’ supply chains, and this also includes activities that take place outside the warehouse that can be overlooked,” says Ken Heller, CJ’s senior vice president of Supply Chain Excellence.

At its Mira Loma logistics center, CJL maintains three shipping and storage facilities, all of which share a single yard in which loaded and empty trailers are stored prior to being unloaded or shipped elsewhere. Not only are the trailers managed across three facilities, but their contents belong to one of about 20 customers, with the trailers themselves managed by one of multiple freight companies.

Of approximately 200 trailers located onsite at any given time, most contain perishable food products and have a short turnaround time—between one and three days. Trailers are commonly unloaded upon arriving from the Port of Long Beach, and their contents are stored and shipped.

To record the trailers’ arrival and departure times, as well as their locations while within the yard, the company developed a manual yard-management system that depended on paper and pen, as well as a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet.

This was a time-consuming process, requiring workers on each shift to spend approximately an hour visually inspecting the containers within the yard, and writing down each container’s serial number & location, after which the office staff spent another hour or so reconciling the handwritten information with the data in the system.

Reaping the Rewards

Using Kaleris YMS, CJL has saved money by increasing the yard-goat drivers’ productivity, reducing average travel distance within the yard, streamlining communication between drivers & the shipping office, and eliminating the manual yard-check process. CJL is also able to share data with freight carriers & customers, which need simply log into the CJ Logistics’ Kaleris website, enter a password, access a dashboard displaying each trailer’s status (such as received, unloaded, or shipped), and view its location as an icon on a yard map.

In addition, operators can utilize the system to resolve detention claims from their carriers—in the event that a shipment is late, for example—since the data indicates the trailer’s exact location when it was at that site and for how long.

CJL chose the Kaleris yard management solution for its innovative, collaborative, user-friendly interface focused on visibility, efficiency, and cost reductions.

“[Kaleris’] real-time visibility helps us operate our Mira Loma site more efficiently allowing us to provide a higher level of service to our customers,” Heller adds, “as well as reduced detention and demurrage fees, labor, and fuel costs.”