Success Story • September 26 ,2022

Kraft Heinz Case Study

TOPIC • Manufacturer, Shippers & 3PLs

Kraft Improves visibility and gains efficiencies with Kaleris yard management system


By moving away from a clipboard- and spreadsheet-based yard management, Kraft has been able to improve operational efficiencies while keeping cost and service as its top priorities.

Increasing supply chain visibility has become a top priority for companies participating in today’s globalized economy. In manufacturing and distribution operations, managers take exhaustive measures to improve their operational efficiency in order to remain competitive. These efforts need to extend beyond the four walls of the warehouses to reap their full benefit.

As one of the world’s largest food and beverage companies, Kraft’s yards are a hive of activity. But up until recently, Kraft’s trailer tracking activities looked more like a game of hide and seek than an orderly yard management process. Facing a market environment that was rapidly pushing transportation costs higher, the company realized that it needed to make a dramatic change in the way it managed freight.

From Manual to Automated

Kraft set out to create a sustainable advantage in transportation management, regardless of market conditions, while keeping cost and service as top priorities, according to the company’s CSCMP Innovation Award submission, which states that “managing transportation costs has become a larger concern for Kraft and its customers in today’s dynamic and increasingly complex supply chain network.”