Insight • June 26 ,2024

Ensuring Safety and Efficiency in Container Terminal Operations

TOPIC • Terminal Operations (TOS)

How to Keep Container Terminals Safe and Efficient

Neglecting safety in the yard can lead to catastrophic results. An incident can bring everything to a halt, disrupting yard operations and causing ripple effects financially. Most importantly, it impacts human safety.

With Navis N4 optimization modules such as Tower Checker and Yard Inventory Monitor, container terminals can prioritize safety, and enhance planning and execution processes.

One critical safety concern often overlooked is the risk posed by flying containers. Empty containers weighing two to three tons can easily become dislodged, especially in strong winds. The resulting damage incurs financial costs and poses significant safety hazards to personnel and infrastructure.

Safety in Operational Planning Using Navis N4 Optimization

The escalating frequency and intensity of severe weather events can further amplify these risks. From powerful storms to unexpected gusts of wind, container terminals face heightened operational disruptions and safety hazards. It’s imperative to implement proactive measures, such as integrating weather monitoring systems and enhancing container securing protocols to mitigate these risks.

Here are some scenarios to highlight how safety considerations are integrated into operational planning using N4 optimization modules like Tower Checker and Yard Inventory Monitor:

  • Preparing for Storms: Terminal operators must proactively prepare for impending storms. By utilizing features like storm mode, planners can strategically lower container towers and mitigate the risk of damage.
  • Gate Operations Safety: Prioritizing safety during gate operations is crucial to a streamlined operation, especially during windy conditions. Collision mode helps identify and reduce potential hazards, ensuring the safety of truck drivers and personnel.
  • Yard Inventory Monitoring: Yard clerks play a vital role in ensuring safety during inventory procedures. Modules like the Yard Inventory Monitor empower clerks with tools to conduct inspections efficiently while prioritizing safety.
A diagram showing how Navis N4 helps terminals build resilience against extreme weather conditions.

Secure Your Yard

Leveraging these optimization modules, terminal operators can enhance safety protocols, optimize their logistics, and mitigate risks effectively. These applications provide real-time visibility, automated safety checks, and actionable insights, ensuring smooth and secure yard operations.

By integrating advanced technologies like Yard Inventory Monitor and Tower Checker, terminal operators can navigate the complexities of modern terminals while ensuring the well-being of personnel and the continuity of operations, even in the face of evolving challenges like severe weather events.