The TOS of the future is here and more connected than ever.

Learn why 80% of the world's terminals turn to Navis. Mission critical operations require greater predictability, enhanced visibility, and insights they can turn into action. Supply Chain Execution is more precise and resilient when its powered by Navis TOS and connected to the Kaleris Platform.

Why Navis TOS?


Navis brought several customers together to discuss what the Navis TOS means to them and their terminals. Hear from Haifa Port, Hamburg Sud, Port Newark Container Terminal, Malta Freeports Limited, Modern Terminals Limited, YILPORT Holding Inc., Virginia International Terminals, and Cornelder de Mocambique about their experiences with N4.

Find the right TOS for you


The future of TOS has been benchmarked by us for over 30 years and we remain dedicated to our focus on advancing our capabilities to continue to expand connectivity for our customers. Today, our TOS enables more flexibility in how terminals want to run their operations. Whether cloud-based, on-prem, or hybrid, we have a solution to fit every terminal.

Navis portfolio serves to support a broad range of terminal operations, including those with standard processes looking for a lean IT footprint, terminals with mixed cargo operations including break bulk, bulk, and RoRo, and specialized container terminals with or without automation, including the majority of large to mega-sized terminals around the world.

Advanced Container Operations

Terminals with sophisticated container operations with automation and advanced optimization requirements, that are looking for greater connectivity and resiliency.


Cloud-Based, Standardized Processes

Terminals with standardized processes needing a TOS with a lean IT footprint, a quick implementation time


Mixed + General Cargo Handling

Mixed cargo terminals that may include container operations not requiring automation or optimization, and/or complex Break Bulk, Bulk or RoRo handling

Navis Mixed Cargo TOS

Navis Supports Your Automation Journey


It’s important to stay competitive in today’s digital era. Today, Navis is leading the automation charge to help you improve operational safety, increase productivity and get ahead of the market. From semi-automated to fully-automated, from process automation to equipment automation, Navis will support you in setting your own path to automation.


What operational decisions are made automatically at container terminals today — and how that will change in the future? Should machine learning be used to support the automation of these decisions? In a survey by Tech Validate, Frederik Stork, PhD, Senior Director of Navis Optimization and Analytics Services discusses ways in which we can apply AI, automated decision making and machine learning to container terminal operations.

How can automation optimize your operations

Connect with the Rest of the Supply Chain


Visibility alone is not enough to fix the challenges within the supply chain… Automation, integration, and a collaborative ecosystem that provides actionable insights for greater supply chain execution are where our solution shines as a first-of-its-kind platform.

Connecting ports, terminals, distribution centers, and partners within the transportation management network under one platform for secured data exchange and a single source of truth for all participants.


Extend TOS capabilities without downtime.


Navis has multiple suites of Smart Applications designed to add capabilities to your TOS without upgrading and having downtime. Our Smart App suites include Safety, Vessel, Yard, Rail, General Cargo, Trucks, and Analytics apps.



Gateways of Tomorrow: Exploring the Business Value of Digital Transformation for General Cargo Terminals

This Thetius report highlights how general cargo challeneges negatively impact vessels, yards, gates, rail, and other terminal activities. The report goes on to explore how a TOS can help overcome these challenges and improve the operational efficiency of general cargo.

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SLS Bucharest Intermodal Terminal Goes Live with Navis Octopi by Kaleris

SLS BUCHAREST INTERMODAL TERMINAL goes live with Navis Octopi by Kaleris and DSP for its new intermodal terminal located in Romania.

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Ensuring Safety and Efficiency in Container Terminal Operations

Neglecting terminal safety can have devastating consequences, halting operations, causing financial disruptions, and endangering lives. Discover how a Terminal Operating System (TOS) can mitigate these risks and ensure a safer, more efficient yard.

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