Cloud-Based TOS

Propel your business with an intelligently simple, cloud-based TOS

Navis’ small to mid-sized TOS is a modern and affordable software-as-a-service (SaaS) terminal operating system designed for small and medium-sized container and mixed cargo terminals — replacing pen and paper, spreadsheets, and legacy TOS systems.
Our Navis TOS enables terminals to tap into the latest cloud technology and integration capabilities with low costs to get started, no hardware or no maintenance fees, and out-of-the-box functionality.

Who We Serve

Small to Mid-Sized Terminals

Terminals looking to modernize their pen & paper operations or move on from their legacy TOS

Intermodal Terminals

Intermodal terminals looking to simplify their rail operations and leverage Class 1 rail integrations

Inland Container Depots

Depots looking for better usability and plug-and-play integration along with faster deployments and time to value

Why Our TOS

Reduced Operational Costs & Resources

Streamline your business using insights from our dashboard

Increased Terminal Productivity

Gather data, measure KPIs, and build efficiency into everything you do

Real-Time Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)

Instantly send and receive EDI messages from your TOS

Easy-to-Use Interface

Spend time running your operation and not wasting time on how to use the software

Trusted by terminals all over the globe

Marine terminals, general cargo terminals, inland terminals, and inland depots

All the Big Terminal Capabilities, Right Sized and Scalable to Fit Your Terminal

Small to mid-sized terminals can work with a large terminal mindset. Terminals these days are moving at the speed of technology with AI, IoT, and other advanced tools at their disposal to optimize and improve their operations. If you think you need a large budget to have the latest and greatest technology, we are here to prove to you there is a way.

Our TOS has all the features you need

One TOS for different types of cargo. Handle and manage warehouse goods, break-bulk, project cargo, vehicles, roll-on/roll-off, and more at the same terminal with ease.


Keep track of every container that passes through your terminal with unparalleled container visibility and management functionality.

General Cargo

One TOS for every type of cargo. Handle warehouse goods, dry bulk, liquid bulk, neo bulk, roll-on/roll-off, and more at the same terminal with ease.

Real-Time KPIs

Our TOS automatically captures data from your daily operations. Using the Octopi dashboard, your management team can quickly see what’s happening at your terminal in real-time, analyze the metrics, and use the insight offered by those metrics to make intelligent business decisions.

Electronic Data Interchange

Shipping lines want to know where their containers are at any given time and Octopi can help them do just that. Octopi supports both EDIFACT and ANSI X12 messages. Let our in-house experts handle the complexities of EDI for a seamless carrier-terminal data exchange.

Berth, Vessel & Yard Planning

Digitize and customize berth requests and approval processes to visualize your berth utilization for informed scheduling and decision-making. Easily configure and manage container stacks, cargo heaps, or warehouses.

Automatic Invoicing

Say goodbye to hours and hours spent manually creating invoices. With our TOS, you can generate a voyage invoice in just one click. Our TOS also allows you to configure your tariffs and automatically generate invoices for your customers in real-time as you provide them with services.

Looking for Inland Depot Capabilities? Take a look at the Kaleris DMS.

Inland Container Depots