Shippers + 3PLs

Our products ensure efficient management of the operations for the shippers and provide the required transparency

Becoming a "Shipper of Choice" has never been so easy...

Our products help Shippers & 3PLs to:

  • Reduce waiting times of trucks & drivers and queuing of trailers
  • Eliminate daily manual yard checks
  • Real-time visibility of their goods through the vehicles in and out of the ports
  • Improve carrier management and performance
  • Better communication between stakeholders

Who we Serve & How We Serve

Finished Goods Shippers

Solutions include Yard Management, Real-time Location Visibility, Enterprise Analytics, Accessorial Charge Management, Gate Apps and Truck Shipment Visibility

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Industrial Bulk Shippers

Truck Carrier Management - Dispatch, Visibility, Approval to pay

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We serve a range of rail shippers, both intermodal and inland with focus on rail visibility, asset management, billing, repairs and maintenance.

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Stowage, stability, and operational performance for shippers

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Performance Boosting Products for 3PLs and Shippers

Yard Management System (YMS)

Best-in-class truck and trailer yard management solution with real-time location system and automated tasking. With options for add-on modules to customize based on your yard management needs. 

Transportation Management System (TMS)

Giving shippers the power to take back control over how they incur costs related to inventory, scheduling, and accessorial charges.

Yard & Transload Management

A comprehensive cloud-based rail yard application that helps rail yards gain visibility into yard processes, automate work tasks, and align people and resources – enabling maximum yard throughput and delivery performance.

Terminal Operations

Today’s modern terminals must operate at peak productivity and efficiency. As the clear market leader for the past three decades, Navis delivers the industry’s premier software systems and applications for optimizing every facet, type, and size of facility operations.

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