Transportation Management

Giving shippers the power to take back control over how they incur costs related to inventory, scheduling, and accessorial charges.

Reduction in excessive dwell + detention happens here.

Visibility is more powerful with Kaleris. As experts in multi-mode yard and transportation management, we have the most connected platform solutions to provide shippers of all types to simplify their operations, collaborate with their partners, and avoid incurring costs tied to accessorials that could have been prevented. Do more than just see the problem; prevent it from happening in the first place.

Kaleris combines real-time, source-driven data with the most integrated platform, to provide you with an accurate overview of assets, operations, and metrics, at your fingertips.

Imagine being able to pull custom reports in minutes to manage an unexpected crisis upon impact.  A matter of seconds, minutes, and hours in the logistics industry means MONEY.

Every Move Matters.


First through Final Mile

Many of the world’s largest brands rely on Kaleris for mission-critical software solutions and innovation to control and optimize

the movement of goods through yards, terminals, and distribution centers throughout the supply chain.

Truck Carrier Management

TCM is the central repository for all master data and ensures shipper, receiver, and carrier have one version of the truth. Transactions are processed in real/near real time and all stakeholders can easily and quickly verify amount transported, apply expected charges, and identify exceptions.

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Transport Analytics

Transport Analytics enables enterprise rail visibility and helps customers measure and report on load status, in-transit performance, cycle time, dwell time, and detention charges. Kaleris streamlines first & final mile transportation management workflows & helps inventory owners manage load tendering, dispatch, ticketing, shipment visibility, inventory, invoicing, & carrier payment approval.

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Rail Shipment Visibility

Rail Shipment Visibility enables a real-time look into rail assets to automate rail operations and enhance supply chain communications and transport. Integrating railcar event data and business intelligence reporting from hundreds of railroads, users receive accurate and up-to-date information on the location, status, and ETA on all shipments and inventory in transit.

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Shipment Planning

Shipment Planning is used by industrial shippers and receivers at both plant and terminal locations to forecast shipment fulfillment requirements by matching daily and future customer orders with expected inventory & equipment supply. Logistics Plan is integrated with Rail Shipment Visibility to provide advance notification of shipment status, location, and ETA. Logistics Plan manages planned vs. actual shipments, captures variance to plan, and adjusts the next day plan for differences in orders, inventory, and equipment availability.

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Yard & Transload Management

Yard & Transload Management (YTM) is a multi-mode rail and truck yard management solution for liquid and dry bulk shippers and receivers. Yard Management is the perfect solution for industrial shippers to manage logistics operations and inventory management workflows at production plants, terminals, and transload facilities.

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Accessorial Charge Management

Accessorial Charge Management provides an easy-to-use way to view, manage, and audit railroad demurrage invoices. ACM aims to arm Shippers with the proper data to effectively dispute demurrage, and take the leg work out by truly managing by exception.

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Visibility & Productivity

Kaleris TMS provides visibility to inventory, operations, and assets. Real-time statuses are dynamically updated. Transportation workflows are automated. Bottom-line productivity is fueled by reduced manual effort, paperwork, and data entry.


Connect all supply chain stakeholders, including marketers, producers, transporters, logistics partners, shippers, and receivers. Provide one version of the truth for universal awareness and minimal reconciliation.


Connect to scale systems, AEI scanners, RFID/barcode readers, ERP systems, back-office accounting systems, and railcar loading solutions. API-enabled architecture makes for easy integration into existing and future systems.


Kaleris YMS Ranked No. 1 by ABI Research Competitive Rankings

Supply chain technology leaders can use this report to better understand how Kaleris YMS eliminates manual workflows and improves operational visibility for accelerated supply chain execution.

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