Execution & Visibility Platform

Unrivaled connectivity between ports, terminals, inland facilities, and shippers for an accelerated supply chain ecosystem.

A global platform leveraging source-driven data collaboration, in real-time


Motivated by the desire to eliminate the data dark spots of the supply chain, we didn’t want to settle for simple visibility; we wanted to DO MORE.

Kaleris Execution & Visibility Platform is the key that unlocks the data gap across multiple nodes while enabling our customers to control how and where they wish to be more connected. 

With a network mentality and a desire to enhance how supply chain partners collaborate with each other, we continue to expand our ability to connect our customers with the world’s leading TOS, YMS, TMS, and MRO systems to optimize supply chain execution and improve efficiency in mission-critical operations.

Visibility alone is not enough to fix the challenges within the supply chain.

Actionable insights that are deeply integrated with operational execution are connecting ports, terminals, distribution centers, and partners within the transportation management network under one platform for a secured data ecosystem and a single source of truth for all participants.

A safer, smarter, more sustainable supply chain starts here.

By consolidating supply chain execution software across nodes and modes, the Kaleris platform leverages operational data directly from yard management, transportation management, maintenance and repair, port and terminal, and vessel operations to eliminate data gaps and dark spots within pivotal execution points. The platform then connects that operating data to workflows within the execution ecosystem, resulting in high-value outcomes for shippers, carriers, terminals, and asset owners, including: 

  • Reduced non-productive moves
  • Increased operating visibility to shipment status and operating events
  • Improved planning and scheduling to improve efficiency and utilization

Through the EVP, shippers gain real-time visibility of cargo status, enabling them to drive predictable, timely operations and take prompt action to reduce dwell times, demurrage and impediments. Terminals can reduce rehandling moves, container dwell time, and truck and rail turnaround times to increase productivity. Carriers and asset owners can increase asset maintenance.

Berth Window Management

Berth Window Management (BWM) is a modern web application that digitalizes berth planning and provides real-time visibility to the port community and its stakeholders. Including an AI/ML powered engine with advanced planning features that improve berth plans, BWM combines the power of visibility and AI/ML to optimize yard utilization and reduced travel distances based on vessel arrival schedules.

OpsView and Analytics

OpsView and Analytics are two applications that leverage the power of the Execution and Visibility Platform to provide deep data analysis derived from operational objectives at execution facilities. OpsView provides real-time dashboards that are fully configurable, with actionable insights providing the visibility across facilities needed to react to operational bottlenecks proactively. By aggregating, cleaning, and standardizing data, our Analytics application derives insights for historical, tactical and strategic decisions needed to take operational productivity to the next level.

Smart Access

Smart Access is a next-generation web-based tool for trucking companies, logistic service providers, and cargo owners to access real-time asset information. This information includes real-time container availability and visibility, vessel visit updates and appointment scheduling, and more. By providing real-time visibility, logistics providers and marine terminals can further optimize landside operations and reduce non-productive moves.


Kaleris Launches Supply Chain Execution & Visibility Platform

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