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Navis Carrier & Vessel Solutions offers ocean carriers, ship owners and technical managers proven digital technology with its maritime solutions that meet the needs for safe, efficient and environmentally friendly ocean transportation.

Why Us

Market Leader

Our products have been tested and used by the industry for the past 30+ years, and we continuously invest in the latest technology.

Eliminate Data Silos

All team members and external stakeholders are connected with real-time data throughout all vessel operations.

All-in-One Solution

One place for multiple ways to support loading, stowage, safety, performance, sustainability compliance, incident management, and more.

Leveraging AI & ML

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning enable CVS to streamline and optimize vessel operations.

Safer Vessel Operations

Safety is your key to making the right decisions.

Safety in the maritime shipping industry is undisputedly one of the core principles. With the increasing safety concerns, requirements, and volume of the seaborne trade, the pressure is mounting on ocean carriers, owners, and managers. To address the needs of the industry efficiently and remain competitive, it is necessary to leverage loading operations with the right loading instrument.

Maximizing Cargo Intake

The direct impact of efficient stowage operations on shipping liners’ operational costs and profitability cannot be overlooked. With the increasing complexity of shipping operations, the role of stowage is getting more significant than ever. However, executing efficient stowage operations is not always easy because it requires coordinating numerous complex components. It is a process that always has room for improvement and optimization. StowMan allows shipping liners to execute efficient stowage operations that manage the complex trade-offs of all relevant stowage criteria safely while increasing cargo intake. 

Fleet Performance

Maximizing fleet performance, running sustainable operations, and remaining competitive in the charter market require collaboration, transparency, and flexibility. Navis Bluetracker Suite unifies commercial and operational fleet-wide data for all key stakeholders to make the best decisions to ensure top fleet performance and meet the industry-wide sustainability standards like e.g., CII.

Incident Prevention

Unexpected heavy weather conditions, poor lashing performance, inadequate stowage planning, or outdated loading computer solutions contribute to container damage and losses at sea. Early stage analysis paves the way for the best incident management and prevention of incidents.

To increase safety at sea, it is critical to have real-time monitoring. With Navis Lashing Monitor, it is now possible to gain full visibility and control to take the right actions and decisions before a dangerous situation arises during a ship’s sailing journey.

Maximize Your Vessel Performance & Efficiency

Navis Carrier and Vessel Solutions build innovative and futuristic software to support ocean carriers, ship owners, and managers to move the industry towards a more connected, transparent, and digitized future.

Loading Calculations

Safer vessel operations

MACS3 Suite

Stowage Planning

Maximize cargo intake


Incident Prevention

Lashing Monitor

Incident Management

Fleet Performance

Maximize Efficiency

Bluetracker Suite


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