Maximize Fleet Performance

Maximizing fleet performance, running sustainable operations and remaining competitive in the charter market require collaboration, transparency and flexibility. Navis Bluetracker Suite unifies commercial and operational fleet-wide data for all key stakeholders to make the best decisions to ensure top fleet performance and meet the industry-wide sustainability standards



Equipped with Bluetracker One

The Bluetracker Suite consists of Bluetracker Reporting and Bluetracker One. The holistic approach of Bluetracker Suite  is powered by its cloud-based solutions. This gives you the ability to work with a user-friendly, intuitive and flexible system. Its mobile-ready capability allows you to be connected with your entire fleet anytime and anywhere. Best of all, Navis Bluetracker Suite is an all-in-one solution that ensures you work with accurate and compatible high data quality all the time. 

Why Us

Market Leader

Our products have been tested and used by the industry for the past 30+ years, and we continuously invest in the latest technology

Eliminate Data Silos

NCVS connects different team members and external stakeholders with real-time data throughout vessel operations

All-in-One Solution

NCVS provides all types of solutions for your vessels from loading, stowage, safety, performance, sustainability compliance, and incident management

Leveraging AI & ML

NCVS products have Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to streamline and optimize vessel operations

Get Your Vessel Ready for a Sustainable Future with Bluetracker CII

Our Bluetracker One CII Module uses the high-quality compliance data collected to monitor the vessel’s actual sustainability performance over time. But even more important, it provides you with the possibility to look into the future. It helps you to predict what kind of actions would be required to move your vessel into either a higher sustainability ranking or let it stay safely inside the same ranking category even if ranking thresholds become more stringent. Using AI and ML this module also enables the owner, manager, or operator of the vessel to simulate future results of their plans for compliance with regard to the evolving sustainability limits of future compliance regulations.

Fleet Performance and Data Analytics

Unify seamlessly various data sources and forms to understand vessel behavior to maximize fleet performance, meet the latest market demands and  increase commercial gains. Accurately predict future fuel consumption, emissions savings and maintenance costs to make the right decisions at the right time. Unlock the real value of your fleet by leveraging accurate and high data quality combined in a holistic approach. 

Crew Involvement and Reporting

The crew on-board is one and only asset, who can implement any decisions to optimize fleet performance, ensure sustainable operations and bridge the gap between on-shore and on-board teams. Gain full power of your fleet in-real time with crew involvement.

Sustainability Intelligence

Comply with the international maritime regulatory bodies – CII and other regulatory frameworks through automated and trustworthy data reporting. Confidently manage sustainable operations and acknowledge all relevant stakeholders regarding your vessels’ environmental index. Gain a comprehensive view of implementing the sustainability culture in your daily operations, processes, and fleet. 

Why Bluetracker Suite

  • All-in-one solution
  • Boost fleet performance with sustainable operations 
  • Connect and collaborate in real-time to make best decisions
  • Automate time-intensive manual processes 
  • Save up to 15% of fuel consumption and reduce emissions