Optimize Stowage, Optimize Business

Maximizing Cargo Intake

The direct impact of efficient stowage operations on shipping liners’ operational costs and profitability cannot be overlooked. With the increasing complexity of shipping operations, the role of stowage is getting more significant than ever. However, executing efficient stowage operations is not always that easy because it requires coordinating numerous complex components. It is a process that has always room for improvement and optimization. StowMan DS allows shipping liners to execute efficient stowage operations that manage the complex trade-offs of all relevant stowage criteria safely while increasing cargo intake. 


Top 10 Liners

50% of the global TOP 10 liners use Stowman for stowage planning ashore


Top 30 Liners

37% of the global TOP 30 liners use Stowman for stowage planning ashore


Ocean Liners

40 middle-sized and smaller ocean carriers use Stowman

Faster Planning & Better Vessel Utilization


When it comes to vessel utilization, the ship planner plays a vital role in your company’s success. The complexity of good stowage requires experience, knowledge, and an in-depth understanding of how to orchestrate the different touchstones of a vessel’s rotation.

Stowman DS is a versatile, advanced stowage system that optimizes the filling factors through better and easier cargo operations. The software is designed to assist:

  • shipping lines in voyage planning for best vessel utilization
  • agencies in an efficient load list management

An added advantage is the direct connection to the shipboard’s MACS3 loading computer, with all relevant cargo information available in real-time.

For more information, please contact: stowman@navis.com.

Control Center & Distributed Services

As a leading provider of vessel planning solutions for liner operators, Navis introduces the proven concept of the Control Center and Distributed Services for Stowman.

“The launch marks an important milestone within the Stowman product evolution from a pure stand-alone tool to a connected IT environment,” said Bastian Gehnke, Senior Director Product Management at Navis.

In the video to the right, Jes Tom Regner, Stowage Product Manager, explains the benefits of Stowman Control Center & Distributed Services.

Stowman DS Vessel Pool and Ship Center

Stowman’s feature-rich and time-efficient planning functionalities are undisputed and one of the leading in the industry. However, the rather manual software and vessel deployment process, as well as the missing database infrastructure, has been an issue for some customers. This can now be changed!

Navis has adopted for Stowman the proven concept of the Control Center and Distributed Services from Capstan, a well-established Navis stowage and network solution used by one of the top 10 carriers of the Alphaliner ranking. The Control Center and Distributed Services provide a scalable framework to transform the stand-alone tool Stowman, into a connected client-server setup while maintaining full offline planning capabilities. 

Users will profit from simplified software deployment, effective data processing by standardized data storage, and options for automated file handling.

Why Stowman DS

  • All-in-one solution
  • Increase profitability and reduce operational costs
  • Optimize utilization
  • Improve operational performance at ports