Incident Management & Prevention

Effective Incident Management

Sailing safely is always the top priority of the shipping companies. Incidents at sea such as container damages and losses pose several risks to the environment, crews, ships and shipping companies’ daily operations. Although the causes of incidents at sea are numerous and as well as complex, shedding light on the causal factors of container losses and damages is fundamental to ensure safety.

Real-Time Visualization

■ Work with mobile-ready solutions
■ Condition Check – DG, Lash Forces etc.
■ Visibility of DG cargo & operational ship data

One Source of Truth

■ Vessel profile
■ Loading conditions
■ Stability & strength calculations

Easy & Fast Reconditioning

Data distribution across all stakeholders

Preventive Measures

Bringing a macro perspective, which eliminates avoidable errors to prevent incidents from happening

Approved Lashing
(MACS3 Loading Computer)
■ Work with advance solutions approved by all major classification societies

Proactive Warning
(MACS3 Connected & StowMan)
■ Automatic Feedback in case of conflictual situation of DG checks or lash forces
■ Flexibility to choose for which conditions to get heads-up
■ Four-eye principle

Well-Trained Crew on-board
(MACS3 e-learning)
■ Awareness of conflicts in condition checks

Real-Time Collaboration
(MACS3 Connected)
■ Share the same view on loading conditions between on-shore & on-board teams

Up-to-Date Loading Computer
(MACS3 Loading Computer)
■ Work with a solution that successfully implements and follows up latest rules and regulations in the maritime business

How We Solve Challenges

  • Sail with easy compliance to the latest rules and regulations about safe seakeeping state and safe status of container securings implemented and integrated in the onboard Loading Computer MACS3
  • Get proactive warning about conflicts around dangerous goods or calculated lashing forces already in the planning stage through the complete integration of loading computer MACS3 with stowage planning system Stowman DS
  • Take informed actions after simulating various possibilities to avoid risky situations with the Lashing Monitor and Operational Guidance
  • Let your well-trained onboard crews be aware of risks and action items in cases of conflicts in condition checks through MACS3 e-Learning
  • Collaborate real-time in emergencies through MACS3 Connected that provides a single source of truth in case of incidents, emergencies or claims

Maximize Your Vessel Performance & Efficiency

Loading Calculations

Safer vessel operations

MACS3 Suite

Stowage Planning

Maximize cargo intake


Fleet Performance

Maximize Efficiency

Bluetracker Suite