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Core Solutions for Intermodal Rail Operators

Kaleris intermodal rail solutions include key components for operational visibility and execution. From rail visibility, rail car, chassis, and container maintenance and repair, to essential requirements to configure railcars and rail tracks. 

Service Design

A Service Design defines the trains to be run each planning period, as well as the freight to be carried on each leg of those trains. The Service Design module supports both automated (optimized) and manual development of a Service Design.

Based on the Demands and rail network defined in a Navis Rail scenario, a user can run the Service Design optimization engine to produce the trains and wagons, including any train moves that may be required to reposition and balance cars.

Wagon / Railcar Planning

Wagon or railcar planning allows a railway to develop a Wagon Plan corresponding to a Service Design. A Wagon Plan defines how a fleet of wagons will be deployed to execute the trains defined in the service plan and ensure equipment is balanced across the rail network over a planning period.

The Wagon Plan:

  • sets the wagon fleet size and mix;
  • specifies the portion of the fleet unavailable due to, for example, maintenance;
  • defines which wagon classes/types will be used to transport each freight service; and
  • defines which wagons, if any, will be hauled empty on each train leg.

Elevating terminal efficiency, minimizing cost, and maximizing revenue

Offering terminals, intermodal ports, and other customers for better visibility and planning of their equipment and labor enabling more accurate ETA & ETC, and accurate rail car numbers. Our modules support all the critical core terminal management features needed to operate all the intermodal terminals, from the smallest to the most complex.

Locomotive Planning

With the Locomotive Planning module, Kaleris Rail allows users to develop a locomotive plan corresponding to a service plan.

Locomotive planning is the process of determining how a fleet of locomotives will be deployed to power trains in a train schedule and meet other locomotive demands. Locomotive planning involves:

  • Setting the fleet size and mix;
  • Specifying the portion of the fleet unavailable due to, for example, maintenance;
  • Defining where locomotives in each class can attach to, and detach from, trains; and
  • Defining where locomotives in each class can deadhead (move unpowered) on a train.

Call-in, Roster Change Management, Timesheeting and Reporting

Kaleris Rail Workforce captures attendance electronically. The staff portal allows staff to sign themselves on for duty and sign off at the end of their shift, with geolocation-based verification. Authorized users can also record staff attendance times centrally.

Kaleris Rail Workforce integrates customers’ data across rosters and electronic timesheets to integrate with their other IT systems. Navis Rail Workforce data can also accommodate customized direct reporting, such as payroll.

Hear what our customers have to say

Kansas City Southern Lines

“We are pleased to have significantly enhanced our locomotive planning capability and now be able to set consist allocations and changes at a detailed segment-by-segment level to ensure results can be operationally validated.”

-Brian Hancock, EVP and Chief Innovation Officer

“It is clear Navis Rail understands complex rail operations as they did a great job of designing a tool that is impressively intuitive and reliable. They also delivered it on time and provide excellent ongoing support.“

-Steve Simmons – Network Planning

Aurizon - Australia's largest rail freight operator

“We have been very impressed with Navis’ agile approach to developing a custom crew scheduling system. Navis has allowed us to update and adapt our product easily so that we can increase certainty in a constantly changing market.”


-Michael Holmes, Manager Train Crew Planning

Pacific National

“The locomotive control management system is very impressively reliable, intuitive, and extremely well-designed. The Navis team did such a fantastic job, and the transition was absolutely uneventful.”


-Ben Pryor, Terminal Manager