All of us rely on a global supply chain that runs efficiently. Integral to the supply chain is transportation and it's logistics, both of which carry a carbon footprint. Kaleris is committed to offsetting what it can't prevent and supporting customers to use its products to make the same effort wherever possible.

Building a safer, smarter, more sustainable supply chain


As a market leader for over 30 years, we continue to lead and forge technology innovation focused on performance and sustainability. Reducing carbon footprint, managing emissions, and addressing climate change must be addressed across the terminal operations value chain.

We intend to support every customer in their journey by providing advanced tools and services to optimize and automate equipment, increase productivity, and reduce emissions.

Take a look at how our solutions tackle sustainability issues at every mode and node of the supply chain. 

A Three-Fold Sustainability Priority

All of us rely on a global supply chain that runs efficiently. Since our inception in 1988, Kaleris has always been focused on improving the efficiency of cargo handling operations. As we expand our business across the global supply chain, we look to provide solutions that optimize the efficiency of end-to-end cargo flow.

Going forward, Kaleris can help all participants in the global supply chain to optimize, automate and electrify their operations. We are partnering with our customers to help them transform into a new low-carbon footprint future. Along the way, the increased efficiency gains will provide a solid return on investment for this transformation.

Our priorities for sustainability are threefold:

1. Proactively contribute to the decarbonizing and optimizing terminal and ship operations through Technology
2. Continue or concerted efforts in Corporate Social Responsibility through multiple acts of service focused on gender, racial and economic equality, and ocean cleanup.
3. Cultivate our own culture of Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, and Belonging as core to our values and our commitment as global citizens to all people everywhere.

The Time is Now

The time to prioritize sustainability in the global supply chain has never been more critical than now. Kaleris is committed to the UN Sustainable Development Goals across each sector of our business and positively impacting both the environmental carbon footprint in the global logistic industry and social sustainability.

Seismic Shifts for a Sustainable Future

In this presentation on Seismic Shifts and Solutions for a sustainable future, Dr. Bonnie Nixon, teaching Supply Chain Sustainability at Harvard, UCLA and Presidio in San Francisco, explains how climate change challenges today are affecting supply chain logistics and transportation.