Mixed Cargo Terminals

Navis is the world’s leading terminal operating system (TOS) for mixed cargo ports. Our TOS is designed to solve the complex problem of managing all cargo types and supports intermodal capabilities for both marine and inland terminals, making Navis the TOS of choice for mixed cargo terminals.

We Handle All Cargo Types

Customers across the globe today use our solutions to manage break bulk, bulk, and RoRo (Roll-on, Roll-off) cargo as well as containerized cargo. Navis Mixed Cargo TOS handles all cargo types, including steel, project cargo, paper rolls, dry and liquid bulk, timber, and more.

General Cargo

Manage multi-cargo terminal operations including bulk, break bulk, and project cargo

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Manage RORO terminals for wheeled cargo such as automobiles, trucks, semi-trailer trucks, trailers and railroad cars

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Manage container terminals capable of handling any volume of every container type, including flat racks, reefers and tank containers

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Track Inventory in Real-time

Navis provides an integrated, real-time view of all operations and data, allowing you to make smarter decisions faster resulting in improved productivity and operational efficiency. High levels of security are ensured by bank-level encryption and the intelligent technology powering Navis ensures a flexible and scalable solution you can rely on. Navis facilitates sharing cargo information beyond the port “walls” across the supply chain, helping ports grow their business through increased visibility.

Key Features

  • Yard Operations
  • Gate Operations
  • Voyage Planning & Operations
  • Mobile Applications
  • Rail
  • Reporting
  • Invoicing
  • Interfaces
  • Warehousing
  • Marine Services
  • Harbor Management
  • Data Security

Why Choose Navis Mixed Cargo TOS

Integrated Solutions

Providing a real-time view of activity and cargo across your entire marine or inland terminal.


Navis Mixed Cargo TOS comes with Master Care that includes full managed services and free monthly upgrades. Our care provides mission-critical reliability that serves as the core of your terminal’s information technology systems.

Cargo Support

Supports all cargo types for any style marine or inland terminal.


Navis Mixed Cargo TOS can be configured to fit any sized business or terminal operation, complex handling mechanisms, and billing requirements.

Implementation & Training Services

With Navis Services and Training, you can rely on us to make your implementation as smooth as possible.

World-Class Support

Highly responsive, 24×7 support teams to meet the needs of our growing customer base.

Improve Customer Service and Optimize General Cargo Webinar

Mixed cargo terminals face a unique combination of cargo & handling requirements. From operational needs to data and reporting to specialized equipment constraints, mixed cargo terminals must manage complexities that are often very different from a pure container or single commodity terminal.

Navis Mixed Cargo TOS has improved user experience and applied new technologies to optimize general cargo operations. Watch this webinar to find out more details.

More General & Mixed Cargo Content

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