Insight • July 2 ,2024

Gate Automation with the Kaleris Kiosk

TOPIC • Yard Management System (YMS)

Automate at the Gate and Digitize Driver Check-In with Kaleris YMS

Enable your truck drivers to scan a QR code to check in and out of the gate to reduce dwell times and prevent gate congestion 

In today’s fast-paced logistics world, time is of the essence. Yet, traditional yard truck processing often results in long waiting times and manual entry hassles, slowing down operations significantly.” 

But what if we could streamline this process, making it faster, easier, and virtually hands-free? Introducing the Kaleris Kiosk, an innovative solution enabling gate automation. 

According to a report published in IEEE Xplore in March, 2024, RFID tags have a 97.8 % success rate for operational effectiveness.

This YMS kiosk, similar to those seen in large parking malls or campuses, is now tailored for complex, large-scale logistics operations. It’s designed to speed up check-ins and check-outs, making driver interactions at the gate quicker and more efficient. 

Drivers can now self-check in or out using an indoor or outdoor touchscreen interface, enhanced by an optional RFID tag dispenser. The system integrates seamlessly with any record system, automatically providing shipment or appointment information during check-in. 

Upon truck arrival at the gate, drivers use the pre-check-in application to scan the QR code or manually input information. The kiosk then provides instructions on where to proceed within the facility.  

This process reduces manual entry, boosts gate velocity, and cuts congestion and dwell times. 

Experience the future of gate automation with Kaleris Kiosk – making your yard operations faster, smarter, and easier. 

What is an RFID tag and what is it used for?

An RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) tag is a small electronic device that uses radio waves to transmit data to an RFID reader. It contains a microchip and an antenna and is used for tracking and identifying objects wirelessly.

We use RFID tags for inventory management, asset tracking and access control in supply chain logistics to allow for more efficient and accurate real-time tracking without the need for direct line-of-sight scanning.

With a robust Yard Management System in place, yard owners can begin digitizing their operations regardless of size or inventory.