Insight • November 1 ,2022

Inspire Award Winners Recognized at Navis World 2022

TOPIC • Carrier & Vessel Solutions (CVS), Execution & Visibility Platform, Maintenance & Repair Solutions (MRO), Rail TMS (Transportation Management), Terminal Operations (TOS), Yard Management System (YMS)

Now in its fifth year, the Inspire Awards honor leading ports from around the world for the innovation, optimization, and value they deliver through the creative application of cutting-edge Navis brand technology. 

Presented during the bi-annual Navis World conference, which took place in San Francisco on October 24-27 at The Palace Hotel, the Inspire Awards celebrate winners across five award categories. New in 2022, terminals were invited to submit their own nominations as well as nominate their peers. With a record number of nominations this year, the awards were highly competitive.

“It’s truly our honor to present these awards to lighthouse terminals,” said Kirk Knauff, CEO of Kaleris. “Regardless of circumstances, our customers do whatever it takes to deliver excellent service and results for their customers. And they do so while driving major transformations, innovation, performance sustainability, and optimization initiatives. We’re continually inspired by their dedication, commitment, and focus.”

The five award categories presented at the Inspire Awards include the:

  • Digital Transformation Award: Recognizing the use of cloud technologies, data and predictive analytics to take operations to the next level and achieve better agility, decision-making and efficiency.
  • Innovation Award: Showcasing how an organization pushed their limits to implement new technologies, integrations and processes into their workstream.
  • Performance and Capacity Award: Highlighting improvements in utilization, safety, energy efficiency, optimal cargo load and service optimization.
  • Sustainability Award: Celebrating practices and technologies that protect and positively impact the environment, conservation of natural resources, good health, and well-being.
  • Terminal Operations Optimization Award: Recognizing how a terminal improved and optimized operations in key areas such as efficiency, productivity and functionality.

The 2022 Inspire Award winners are:

Peel Ports Group received the Digital Transformation Award. By leveraging Navis SmartAccess, a community access portal to process and optimize gate operations, this now semi-automated terminal created an efficient new portal for truck appointment bookings. The one-stop-shop tool gives truck companies the ability to directly create, manage, and review truck appointments via a mobile app or web portal. In collaboration with Navis, Peel Ports incorporated direct trucker feedback to the tool, demonstrating how listening to their customers and employing technology creates enhanced efficiency and more agile operations.

Barbados Port Inc. won the Innovation Award, standing out for how they drove innovation through collaboration. Leveraging an existing API in their cloud-based Navis TOS, the port built their own in-house notification system to keep port users, partners, and customer up to date on key information in a timely, efficient way using information from their TOS. Looking to technology to further enhance communication, they launched an online accessible portal for customer and state agencies to easily connect about cargo processing and clearance. The paperless process creates interoperability across the various systems these organizations use to process shipments at the port, generating greater efficiency, a reduction in operating costs, and a more sustainable approach to manage operations.

Georgia Ports Authority was presented with the Performance and Capacity Award for taking utilization to the next level. After recently upgrading their Navis brand N4 TOS, the port set multiple volume records. In August 2022, the port completed more than 70,000 marine lifts in one week, more than 80,000 gate moves in one week and handled 18.5% more TEUs than the previous month. These impressive feats are in addition to the numerous daily records in gate, vessel, rail, and peak-hour gate moves they set since launching the new system. These tremendous achievements demonstrate the impressive ability of their team members to adapt to new capabilities and maximize results at the largest container terminal in the Western Hemisphere.

Modern Terminals was awarded the Sustainability Award. Viewing sustainability as a means of serving their customers, nurturing the well-being of people and the environment, and improving their community, the terminal deploys green technology to facilitate the efficient use of energy. Through focused effort and hard work, this terminal exceeded its 10-year emission reduction target for two port operations. Their efforts translated into a reduction of more than 130,000 metric tons of carbon emissions between 2018 and 2021. With a long-term sustainability strategy in place, the terminal aims to eliminate direct greenhouse gas emissions from its operations by 2030 and to become carbon neutral by 2050.

Port of Tanjung Pelepas (PTP) received the Terminal Operations Optimization Award. PTP went above and beyond in their use of technology to drive operations that are as efficient and productive as possible. As one of the largest container ports in the world, PTP has more than 172 rubber tire gantry cranes. By employing RTG-Optimization from Navis, PTP achieved an increase in RTG productivity, reduced terminal truck yard wait times, reduced rehandles for load containers, and eliminated manual zone management. They were also able to better prioritize jobs based on truck arrivals under an RTG, increasing overall productivity. The result is better service for its customers and more efficient, environmentally friendly operations.

“Congratulations again to our Inspire Award winners, and thank you for the opportunity to work with you,” said Knauff.

Kaleris is a provider of cloud-based supply chain execution and visibility technology solutions. Kaleris recently announced the merger of Navis with its portfolio of supply chain execution solutions for yard management, transportation management, and maintenance and repair operations. With more than 490 implementations in 80 countries, Navis now joins Kaleris as the premier brand for technology solutions to control and optimize terminal operations at container and general cargo terminals worldwide.

Addressing dark spots and data gaps that cause friction and inefficiency in the supply chain, Kaleris is creating a global platform to improve execution and visibility across the entire shipment lifecycle. Navis plays an important role by linking the busiest nodes in the global supply chain to the Kaleris platform. Kaleris unlocks operating data to connect and integrate workflows and improve execution and visibility for all supply chain stakeholders.