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Kaleris Acquires CAMS Software

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Acquisition creates new enterprise yard and transportation management solution for grocers and wholesalers

July 9, 2024 – Kaleris, a leading provider of supply chain execution and visibility solutions, today announced the acquisition of CAMS Software, the leader in transportation solutions designed specifically for large-scale grocery distribution. The acquisition expands the Kaleris portfolio, combining the CAMS Prospero Transportation Management System with the No. 1 ranked Kaleris Yard Management System1. The integration will launch one of the most comprehensive enterprise yard and transportation management suites that optimizes key aspects of transportation planning and execution at warehouses, distribution centers and manufacturing facilities.

CAMS Prospero manages all aspects of trucking operations for grocery retailers and wholesalers, providing dispatch, backhaul, driver payroll calculation and vehicle tracking for all inbound, outbound and return trips. Eighteen of the top 50 grocery retailers and wholesalers, and more than 100 grocery distribution centers in the US, rely on CAMS to efficiently manage short lead times, optimal route planning, product availability and regulatory compliance. The Kaleris Yard Management System optimizes and automates the management of trucks, trailers, containers and dock slots in yard facilities for Fortune 500 shippers across North America and Europe, serving numerous grocery yards.

By integrating the two systems, grocery retailers and distributors will experience:

  • Streamlined operations for inbound and outbound logistics: The combined solution captures store orders and return shipments, and then creates the best plan to pack and load them onto trailers, considering multiple factors including order splits, commodity separation, gate access, asset dwell, dock scheduling and pre-cooling for fresh and frozen trailers.
  • Route optimization and dispatch efficiency: The technology looks across multiple constraining variables, including the number of trucks, available drivers, distance and pick-up time to assign work orders and delivery schedules to drivers, streamlining dispatch processes and providing drivers with the most efficient route.
  • Improved compliance and reporting: Integrated Electronic Logging Devices (ELD) track driver time for HOS compliance and give dispatchers real-time visibility on driver location, status, and delivery ETA to make informed decisions on work orders, delivery sequence and more across their enterprise.

“The acquisition of CAMS Software underscores Kaleris’s dedication to driving innovation and delivering exceptional value to our customers,” said Kirk Knauff, CEO of Kaleris. “By integrating the expertise, resources, and capabilities of both organizations, Kaleris is poised to embark on a new phase of growth serving grocery, food & beverage, retail and consumer packaged goods companies in multiple geographies with an enterprise solution for yard and transportation management.”

The acquisition of CAMS aligns with Kaleris’s strategic vision to solve the world’s most complex supply chain transportation challenges. Grocery store network delivery remains one of the most complicated areas for logistics management due to the vast number of unique SKUs, temperature-controlled products and less than 24-hour turnaround time. Adding the CAMS Prospero Transportation Management System differentiates the Kaleris Yard Management System and unlocks new growth opportunities for Kaleris in the US grocery store market, which generated almost $885 billion in total sales in 2023 according to Statista.2 It also creates expansion opportunities for Kaleris in the food & beverage, retail and consumer packaged goods industries across North America, as well as expansions into these verticals in Europe.

Kaleris is backed by Accel-KKR, a leading technology-focused private equity firm with a track record of investing in supply chain management software and solutions. CAMS Software was represented by Aqua Mergers & Acquisitions for this transaction.

“Joining Kaleris opens the door to a host of exciting new opportunities for us,” said Brian Taylor, President at CAMS Software. “Our current customers will have ready access to proven enterprise solutions that optimize adjacent areas of their supply chain operations. As a part of Kaleris, we can bring the benefits of Prospero to more grocery retailers, distribution centers, and wholesalers seeking a comprehensive transportation solution for their logistics-intensive industry.”

1ABI Research Yard Management Systems Competitive Ranking 2023. Published by Ryan Wiggin and Adhish Luitel.

2Statista, Grocery store sales in the U.S. 1992-2023, Published by T. Ozbun, March 19, 2024.

About CAMS Software
CAMS Software provides innovative transportation solutions for large-scale grocery distribution. Since 1999, more than 150 major grocery distribution centers across North America have benefitted from Prospero, the first Transportation Suite specifically designed and built to satisfy the unique and demanding requirements of the grocery industry. Prospero’s suite of products handles all transportation planning and execution requirements seamlessly and efficiently. Visit for more information.

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