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TOP TIER PROJECT: Avoid Loss of Containers

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Kaleris CVS is member of the Top Tier project to avoid loss of containers

(Hamburg, Germany – July, 2023) – Kaleris CVS is an active member of the Joint Industry Project “Top Tier”, led by the Dutch MARIN Institute, which aims at bringing together facts, figures and recommendations for the maritime industry to avoid loss of containers at sea and their impact on the marine and coastal environments. 

To evaluate container securing and improve regulations and practices to avoid losses of containers at sea, 42 project members consisting of the World’s major container lines, non-operating ship owners, authoritative bodies, insurances, research institutes and suppliers joined forces to address these topics with active participation of major stakeholders. 

In May 2023 CVS co-hosted a workshop in Rotterdam together with Workgroup 2 of the Top Tier Project about the shore to ship operations in ports, Top Tier bringing the marine carriers, insurances and authoritative bodies of the project to the table and Kaleris’ brand Navis bringing in the Terminal stakeholders. 

Mis-stowed and mis-declared containers still remain a big problem with an impact on the vessel’s safety, especially because the terminal’s main focus often lies on productivity and throughput rather than the vessel’s safety. As difficult as it is to totally avoid deviations of the actual stowage on board from the submitted stowage plan, the sharing of the actual stowage deviations should at least be mandatory so that the vessel can do validated safety checks before sailing. 

A separate investigation shows that mis-declaration of weight and mis-stowage separately really have their effect on the risk of exceeding limits, but both in combination raise the risk considerably. 

In June, the members of Top Tier met again to discuss the way forward to transfer the findings of the separate workgroups into recommendations for international maritime authoritative bodies so the risk of container incidents can be reduced further, and ships and crews sail safely in all kinds of weather. 

We look forward to continuing our partnership and involvement with both MARIN to keep championing the path of innovation between marine carriers and their ecosystem of supply chain stakeholders.  

Learn more about MARIN Top Tier here: TopTier JIP: Industry and administrations address container securing safety together | MARIN 


Watch this video about first results from Top Tier investigations on how to prevent your vessel from excessive rolling


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