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Kaleris Launches Yard Management Innovations at MODEX 2024

TOPIC • Yard Management System (YMS)

Kaleris Launches Yard Management Innovations at MODEX 2024

-New capabilities enhance efficiency, visibility and safety in yard operations-

(ATLANTA – March 11, 2024) Kaleris, a leading provider of cloud-based supply chain software solutions, introduced new capabilities in its Yard Management System (YMS) that improve efficiency, operational visibility and safety in yard operations. The new features augment the market-leading Kaleris YMS, which optimizes and automates the management of trucks, trailers, containers, and dock slots in yard facilities for Fortune 500 shippers across North America and Europe.

“Kaleris is revolutionizing yard management by bringing real-time data and connectivity to the forefront of yard operations,” said Scott Holland, Chief Product Officer at Kaleris. “By incorporating edge devices and IoT into our YMS, we can seamlessly collect and transmit information directly from the yard in real time, improving visibility into trailer locations, conditions, and other critical data points shippers need to know. Integrating edge computing fine-tunes the responsiveness of our system, providing yard operators with data visibility they can use to make informed decisions and take actions to manage exceptions.”

The growing complexity of distribution center networks, customer expectations for rapid delivery, and worker shortages accelerate the urgency of replacing manual yard processes with advanced technology. The latest innovations to Kaleris YMS include:

  • Intelligent Movement to strategically organize yard moves, minimizing conflicts and reducing bottlenecks while maximizing safety and efficiency. Yard managers use the Whiteboard central hub to create and monitor trailer movements, sequence moves to meet specific needs, adjust assigned dock doors or parking spots, and accommodate priority moves. The YMS dynamically optimizes and automates across all inputs to effectively allocate resources.
  • Appointment Scheduling assigns a specific time for trucks or carriers to arrive for shipment loading or unloading. Facilities can use this feature to better manage resources, plan labor and equipment availability, and prevent long waiting times for drivers. The scheduling system also optimizes the flow of inbound and outbound shipments, reducing congestion and improving operational efficiency.​
  • Real-Time Trailer Tracking leverages an integration between Kaleris YMS and edge device Radiant Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) tags. Through automatic data transfer, shippers can streamline trailer management without manual intervention. It delivers instant updates on trailer locations/statuses and automates gate entry reads to reduce wait times, increase throughput, and minimize delays. With precise insight into trailer inventory, shippers can improve space utilization.
  • Enhanced Driver Experience through a driver precheck-in app that streamlines their process from gate to gate. The newest version of the web and mobile app offers live inbound and outbound check-in to speed up arrivals and departures. As the YMS processes driver check-ins, it queues appointments to reduce gate congestion and decrease liability within the yard.

All the new features support both manufacturing and finished goods yards, including retail, consumer goods, food & beverage, automotive, and third-party logistics. Kaleris YMS includes pre-built integrations with all popular TMS, WMS, and ERP solutions. Kaleris Yard Management System was also recently named Overall Market Leader, Top Innovator and Top Implementor in the 2023 Yard Management System Competitive Ranking by ABI Research. For a complimentary download of the report, visit

Attendees at MODEX 2024 can experience a demo of the latest innovations by visiting booth C6468.

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