Insight • July 25 ,2023

Maximizing Liquid Bulk Efficiency with Yard and Transload Management (YTM)

TOPIC • Rail TMS (Transportation Management), Yard Management System (YMS)

Recent railroad derailments and accidents have highlighted risks in the rail shipping industry, specifically around hazardous liquids. Kaleris has been focused on delivering capabilities to better support workflows for liquid bulk shippers to ensure safe, efficient, and traceable transportation of their products. This includes robust functionality for inspections, loading/unloading volume correction factors and tank car outage measurements, rail carrier shipment billing, and auditing.


Inspection and Maintenance

  • Physical inspection, with highly configurable templates can be used for any type of inspection. Examples include inbound/outbound inspections, pre/post loading and unloading inspections, and mechanical inspections. Every inspection question is tracked for traceability by the user and can be performed on a web browser or the dedicated YTM Mobile App.
  • Electronic inspection, which provides a proactive report and risk score for a railcar based on required maintenance schedules and EHMS (Equipment Health Management System) alerts.
  • Seal tracking, to ensure safe and accountable shipment and delivery of products.
  • Defect management, where defects identified by inspection are tracked, reported, and integrated into the Kaleris Maintenance and Repair systems.


Volume Correction Factor and Tank Car Outage

  • To load liquid products safely and efficiently into tank cars, Kaleris YTM can calculate loading instructions based on the product, loading attributes, outage, and weight.
  • Product attributes are highly configurable and can be set to fit a shipper’s business and logistics processes.
  • Kaleris has over 318,000 tank car outage tables in the application that allow shippers to accurately measure volume for specific railcars to ensure adherence to safe filling limits. Users can also upload their own custom outage tables.


Railcar Shipment Billing

  • The YTM system allows users to transmit and print Bills of Lading with the appropriate details, such as safety statements, product attributes, weight, and any customer-configurable field values that are unique to a shipment or product.
  • Each bill of lading is also tied to a configurable template that ensures error-free electronic transmission to the railroads.



  • The Kaleris YTM system has an extensive audit capability for every single event of a railcar. This includes events like inspections, defects, loads, unloads, VCF calculations, seals, adjustments, and moves. This ensures full traceability for the entire transportation lifecycle of a railcar at a yard


To understand and see where your rail shipments are at all times, Kaleris also offers a best-in-class track and trace solution that is integrated into YTM to provide inbound visibility to all your yards.


At Kaleris, we take pride in addressing the risks prevalent in the rail shipping industry, especially when it comes to the transportation of liquid bulk. We deliver comprehensive capabilities to support liquid bulk shippers, ensuring that products are transported safely, efficiently, and with full traceability. Our solutions encompass a wide range of functionalities for electronic inspections to ensure complete traceability. Trust Kaleris to revolutionize your rail shipping processes, ensuring they are safer, more efficient, and fully traceable.