Insight • August 29 ,2023

Navigating Storm Challenges with Navis Tower Checker

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As supply chains become more connected and the threat of extreme weather grows, it’s crucial to have efficient processes to protect valuable cargo. That’s where the Navis Tower Checker solution comes in. It’s a groundbreaking tool designed to help your yard planning team deal with sudden and challenging planning requests after a storm. In this blog post, we’ll explain how Navis Tower Checker can improve your container yard operations, ensuring your yard is organized and ready for any storm.

The Challenge of Storms: Unexpected Planning Requests Severe weather events like storms, hurricanes, and typhoons can cause chaos in container yards. Strong winds can blow away or disorganize containers, disrupting operations and causing financial losses. Yard planning teams often struggle with last-minute planning requests, trying to limit damage and keep things running during chaotic weather. The urgency and unpredictability of these situations strain resources and efficiency.

Introducing Navis Tower Checker: Your Solution for Storms Navis Tower Checker is an innovative solution designed to tackle the challenges of storms and bad weather beforehand. By using advanced monitoring and automation technology, this solution helps yard planning teams be proactive instead of reactive. Here’s how Navis Tower Checker works:

  1. Real-Time Monitoring: Navis Tower Checker constantly watches over your yard’s tower situation. You’ll know how many tower containers there are and where they’re located.
  2. Removing Obstacles: The solution identifies existing towers or obstacles in the yard that could become problems during a storm. Following your rules, Navis Tower Checker removes these obstacles, reducing the risk of containers getting blown away.
  3. Smart Container Stacking: Navis Tower Checker and Expert Decking work together to create an intelligent container stacking plan that follows the tower-free rule. Containers are stacked strategically to minimize wind damage, keeping the yard organized even in bad weather.
  4. Easy Setup and User-Friendly Interface: Setting up Navis Tower Checker is easy and quick. The user-friendly interface helps yard planning teams customize the solution for their yard’s layout and needs.

Benefits for container yard operations:

  1. Improved Efficiency: By eliminating sudden and heavy planning requests during storms, yard planning teams can focus on more important tasks, improving overall efficiency.
  2. Being Prepared Ahead: Navis Tower Checker helps yards prepare well in advance of a storm, reducing potential damage and disruptions.
  3. Saving Costs: Less container damage and related costs can mean significant financial savings over time.
  4. Uninterrupted Operations: Storms won’t spell chaos for container yards anymore. Navis Tower Checker ensures that operations can continue with minimal disruption, even during bad weather.


In the ever-changing maritime logistics field, staying ahead is vital. Navis Tower Checker represents innovation and efficiency, arming yard planning teams with the tools to protect their operations from nature’s unpredictability. By adopting this proactive solution, container yards can not only weather storms but also emerge stronger and more resilient than ever. Embrace Navis Tower Checker and step into a new era of storm-ready yard planning.


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