Insight • February 1 ,2023

Why is Navis Attending Breakbulk Middle East?

TOPIC • Carrier & Vessel Solutions (CVS), Terminal Operations (TOS)

In preparation for Breakbulk Middle East, Navis participated in an interview (photograph above) with End-to-End Logistics, where we discussed Artificial Intelligence and Business Intelligence Driving Efficiency in Ports. In summary, here is what we talked about:

Supply chain efficiency remains a top area of interest for companies across all industries. As supply chains continue to get more fragmented, more global, and more dynamic, it’s understandable why companies are constantly seeking a better way of doing things.

As many have discovered, real-time insights into cargo operations and the ability to take action based on what they’re seeing is the cornerstone of constant improvement. With actionable data at the right time and with powerful execution systems, supply chain companies, including break bulk companies, can really take their efficiency to the next level.

At Navis, our focus is just that, to provide actionable and intelligent insights at the right time and powerful execution systems that allow our break-bulk customers to act on these insights, either via automation systems, optimization frameworks, or AI engines.

Another aspect of the supply chain that we embrace at Navis is connectivity. Supply chain operations, including break bulk, do not happen in silos. As a company moving cargo, you have to interact with others. This interconnectivity of stakeholders is a competitive advantage to many companies in other supply chain segments. At Navis, we are working hard to bring intelligent tools to our break bulk customers so that they, too, can take advantage of interconnectivity as a competitive advantage.

Many are familiar with Navis for our container handling solutions, but we also build and maintain systems that support over 100 general cargo, breakbulk, and mixed cargo facilities. We want to bring the same benefits of data standardization and digitalization to breakbulk terminals, which is why we will attend Breakbulk Middle East. We want to meet the leaders in the breakbulk logistics space who want to be a force for change in the industry, demonstrating technology’s benefits.

Some of the interesting areas and use cases we have started to focus on are related to predictive analytics for berth optimization, yard forecasting, appointment reliability and gate congestion, cargo demand concerning equipment deployment, and labor force demand. We are excited to collaborate more with companies with advanced planning solutions in the AI space, with companies that are looking to provide actionable insights with BI and Analytics, and, more importantly, companies that can help us execute better so that we can help our customers move cargo faster and more intelligently.

Our team (Subhaan KaziKunal SinghLev AispurSalman Zulfikar, and Saurabh Sharma) will be at booth B48 with lots of giveaways, so be sure to swing by and introduce yourself. We will also participate in a panel on End-to-End Logistics: Artificial and Business Intelligence Driving Efficiency in Ports on Feb 14 from 12:15-13:15. We hope to see you there and look forward to meeting with you!