Press Release • March 9 ,2022

Navis implements Smart Berth Window Management solution at Société De Gestion Du Terminal A Conteneurs De Doraleh

The selection of Navis’ industry-leading TOS is part of TGN’s endeavor to become the first semi-automated, multimodal terminal handling bulk cargo.

Navis, the provider of operational technologies and services that unlock greater performance and efficiency for leading organizations throughout the global cargo supply chain, today announced that Société de Gestion du Terminal à Conteneurs de Doraleh (SGTD) has successfully implemented the Navis Berth Window Management (BWM) solution to digitize and modernize its berth planning operations. Navis’ solution extends real-time visibility to the berth level, allowing SGTD to make data-driven decisions to reduce the waste of time, fuel and resources throughout the port and add greater certainty to the overall berthing process.

Located in the Republic of Djibouti, at the entrance to the Red Sea and on the second busiest shipping lane in the world, SGTD is one of the most modern and advanced container terminals in the East Africa region. Its unique geographical location at the intersection of three continents provides access to major ports and cities across the world and offers an important gateway for landlocked Ethiopia. As the port of choice for the world’s largest carriers, SGTD has a handling capacity of up to 1.6 million TEUs per year. The ability to optimize its berthing operations was a critical component to the port’s ability to process today’s modern mega vessels coming to call and keep up with the increasing pace of global container trade.

Navis’ Berth Window Management solution provides real-time visibility and two-way communication between the terminal and carrier, enabling SGTD to make faster and smarter decisions. The port can now provide customers, partners and authorities with a more accurate view of their terminal layout, including berths, making berth planning dramatically more efficient and reliable. Completed in just eight months, the implementation will help SGTD reduce costs, eliminate manual processes and improve overall operational efficiency and customer satisfaction.

“Investing in the latest technologies to navigate the current state of the global supply chain is critical and optimizing berth planning is such an important part of the process to get right,” said Said Guire Gadid, ITC Director at SGTD. “It doesn’t matter how much advanced technology you have waiting to process the cargo within your facility if the ships are stuck waiting out at sea. That is why we selected Navis’ Berth Window Management solution – to digitize outdated processes and provide key stakeholders with an always-on accurate view of the terminal. With Navis’ help, we are driving more efficient vessel calls and bringing vital trade and commerce to the global economy.”

“Working together with SGTD to digitize an extremely important global shipping hub and provide the port with the right tools to increase their efficiency has been extremely rewarding,” said Jacques Marchetti, VP and General Manager, EMEA, Navis. “Inefficient berth processes can lead to lost opportunities to sell additional berth space, lower overall throughput and added costs for additional yard moves, adding millions of dollars in waste for the average terminal. SGTD’s commitment to remaining at the forefront of innovation and modernization will not only yield tremendous results for the thousands of ships passing through to their end destination, but also for the company’s bottom line.”

Built on the Navis Smart architecture, the BWM solution can be deployed as part of the broader Vessel Planning suite or as a standalone application. To learn more about Navis Smart Applications, visit