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Introducing the Kaleris Oilfield Collaboration Network

  • A digital platform for managing real-time oilfield collaboration
  • Support for a growing range of run tickets, seal tickets, and processed for delivered volumes
  • From planning to pick up, measurement & delivery, everyone is on the same page, all the time, in real-time
  • Connects marketers, producers, transporters, and anyone else involved with the collaborative process
  • One connection to the network provides access to all activity with all collaborators
  • Subscribers can invite unlimited collaboration partners at no additional cost
  • Platform provides a wide range of free tools to enhance network collaboration
  • Utilize free tools, integrate 3rd party systems, or use a mix of both
  • Connect smart LACTs, SCADA, meters, and software systems for automated data exchange
  • Mobile applications and web access enable everywhere collaboration
  • Automate carrier payment calculations and eliminate invoice reconciliation
  • Automate nomination tracking against daily deliveries