Bill of Lading

A one-stop solution for generating error-free electronic BOLs from XML feeds and MS Excel. This solution simplifies the entire process, in turn, minimizing errors and maximizing efficiency.

Eliminate Errors, Gain Efficiency

All bill of lading information is stored in a central database and billing information can be emailed to customers, trading partners, and others directly from the application.

Electronic Bill of Lading reduces errors by validating the information against Industry Reference Files, including hazardous material information. Users receive acknowledgment of receipt and acceptance and retain records of all bills of lading. Shipment information can originate from various applications, including order management systems and Excel.

Generate error-free electronic BOLs from XML feeds and MS Excel with a 99.8% acceptance rate.

Manual data entry is made obsolete​

Remove manual process of faxing BOLs, hours spent on phone calls or one class 1 websites and tracking acknowledgments

User-friendly interface​

A multi-functional system that is easy to access online and simple to use​

Secure automated processes​

Ensure the data sent is secure and be aware if BOL transmissions are certified at the correct numeric levels

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