Shipment Visibility

A real-time, proactively monitored, and comprehensive rail visibility solution to keep shipments on track.

Consolidated track & trace solution with centralized data.

In-transit visibility is key to supply chain efficiency. With complex networks and dynamic conditions, knowing where a shipment is can help prevent unexpected disruptions and delays.

Kaleris Shipment Visibility provides real-time visibility into the status of rail shipments. The solution tracks, traces, and proactively monitors shipments. Integrating dynamic railcar event data with business intelligence reporting from hundreds of railroads provides up-to-date information about your rail inventory and assets.

Track Inventory in Real-time

Anticipate potential problems before they occur and mitigate their impact, reduce delays and variability, improve customer satisfaction, and maintain data integrity. ​

Visibility Across the Tracks


  • Universal web access via laptop, smartphone, or tablet
  • Dedicated data management and support team
  • Trip and fleet management based on business rules and alerting
  • Fleet, Lease, Detention, Demurrage, and Unit Train reporting and management
  • Highly configurable scheduled reporting based on canned and/or customer-specific templates
  • Tracks key KPIs: transit/dwell/cycle time, trip analysis, percent under load


Industry Needs


Increased Visibility into railcar shipment across the entire rail network


Railcar & inventory supply management for improved production planning


Accurate estimates of time of arrivals


An understanding of railroad performance across all lanes


Accurate Lease Management

Kaleris Rail Shipment Visibility


Single point for railcar location and waybill data, for consolidated network visibility


Visibility into railcar and inventory pipelines to critical locations for improved, efficient planning to mitigate supply/demand issues


Proprietary ETA algorithm projecting accurate railcar arrival dates


Cycle time analysis provides performance metrics across each railroad in a given lane, enabling identification of congestion points and underperforming carriers


Manage leases, riders, and other pertinent data to monitor fleet cost and performance

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Kaleris Launches Supply Chain Execution & Visibility Platform

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