Transport Analytics

A customizable platform that sits over the top of the Kaleris suite of products providing top-down visibility of your logistics and supply chain.

Strategic external data integrations for the ultimate collaborative experience


Transport Analytics (TA) is a data and analytics service built on top of multiple applications within the Kaleris product suite. These applications cover things like:​ Rail Visibility, Truck Visibility, and Yard Operations.

Transport Analytics provides business intelligence and analytics services that enable cross-functional insights to help customers achieve their business goals. Transport Analytics enables a “big picture” view of operations as well as the ability to drill down into functional areas and root causes, automate manual processes, and leverage real-time and historical data to drive continuous improvement.​ TA focuses on specific business needs and balances innovative solutions with speed to value to ultimately enable customers to make faster-informed decisions.

Transport Analytics includes a mobile application, supported by iOS, Android, and Windows 10 to increase user access to timely information and key performance metrics.


The Transport Analytics Advantage

Limited Visibility to siloed data across your logistics supply chain? TA provides flexible, simple, and timely data visibility and insights on operational systems.


Do you need data across transportation management systems that could provide answers to complex logistics questions? Transport Analytics leverages data across systems that span the supply chain to help you answer these difficult questions & make data-driven operational decisions.


Are you balancing competing business objectives like customer needs and cost in order to optimize long-term business performance? TA helps you assess, model, and improve business performance by providing strategic and tactical insights in order to optimize operations.

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