Truck Carrier Management

First/Final Mile Planning & Execution Visibility for Dry & Liquid Bulk Shippers. Crude Oil, Water, NGL, Salt, Sand, Ethanol, & More..

Multi-modal. Collaborative. Mobile. Scalable Network Platform.

Contract / Shipment

Trading teams' ability to load and manage contracts, create PO shipments with current customers


Maintain current & forecasted inventory levels with built-in alerting capabilities

Tendering / Delivery

Find optimal carriers for shipments. Mobile Apps utilize geo-fencing capabilities to confirm pick-up/delivery


Web-based tracking application displays current truck locations


Invoice generated using workflow process. Push details to accounts payable systems

Oil   |  Water  |  Sand  |  Chemicals  |  Ethanol   |  Grain   |  Lumber  |  Salt

From planning to pick up, measurement & delivery, everyone is on the same page, all the time, in real-time.

The Ultimate Collaborative Solution for Truck Carrier Management


  • Network Platform
  • Multi-party collaboration
  • Free access to collaboration partners
  • Multi-modes
    • Truck, Rail, Barge, Pipeline, Vessel
  • Kaleris Carrier Mobile App & Integration with 3rd Party Apps
  • Field Worker Mobile App
    • Pumpers, Gaugers, Supervisors
  • Single Master Data Process vs Multi-Carrier Separate Management
  • Asset Hardware Integration
    • Tanks, Silos, Meters, etc.
  • Large Enterprise Scalability
    • Volume & Functionality