The Kaleris Platform for Enterprise Supply Chain Execution

A first-of-its-kind logistics platform providing unrivaled connectivity between ports, terminals, shipping lines, inland facilities, and shippers for an accelerated supply chain ecosystem.

We believe that every move matters and we provide solutions that go beyond high-level visibility and offer a deeper level of transparency, predictive analytics, and collaborative transformation for all supply chain participants and most importantly, powerful execution for our customers.

Kaleris is connecting supply chain participants to one consolidated ecosystem that enables network collaboration and eliminates the data dark spots they are facing.

Yard Management Solutions for Every Yard

Best-in-class yard management solutions with real-time location systems and automated tasking, simplifying even the most complex yards

World's Most Connected TOS

As the global leader for over 30 years, TOS is in our DNA and our 4th generation technology for container and general cargo ports and terminals is our most connected and most flexible TOS.

Used by Supply Chain Professionals Worldwide

In today’s tightly orchestrated supply chain environment, the smallest delay or disruption quickly turns into bottlenecks, inefficiencies, and unplanned costs with significant downstream impacts on your business and your commitment to your customers. At the heart of what we do, our software helps you control and optimize critical supply chain workflows, and gives you access to real-time data so you can make decisions with confidence.

Hundreds of the largest organizations in the world rely on Kaleris software solutions to gain real-time visibility and powerful execution tools to automate and optimize the movement of goods through the supply chain.


Fortune 1,000 Shippers

Over 350 Fortune 1,000 shippers trust Kaleris YMS to handle their mission-critical operations


Marine Terminals

The #1 most trusted brand of TOS, with over 80% of the world’s terminals using Navis for their terminal operating systems


Connected Carriers

The most connected supply chain execution platform with more than 91,000 connected carriers in over 80 countries

Talking Logistics with Kirk Knauff, Kaleris CEO

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Trusted by the Nation's Leading Fortune 1000 Companies

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Execution + Visibility Platform

A first-of-its-kind logistics platform providing unrivaled connectivity between ports, terminals, shipping lines, inland facilities, and shippers for an accelerated supply chain ecosystem.

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Transportation Management

Giving shippers the power to take control over how they incur costs related to inventory, scheduling, and accessorial charges.

Explore Transportation Management

Maintenance + Repair Operation

Streamlining maintenance and repair operations related to railcars, containers, and chassis.

Explore Maintenance + Repair Operation

Terminal Operations

As the clear market leader for the past three decades, Navis delivers the industry's premier software systems and applications for optimizing every facet, type and size of facility operations.

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Carrier + Vessel Solutions

Navis Carrier & Vessel Solutions offers ocean carriers, ship owners and technical managers proven digital technology with its maritime solutions that meet the needs for safe, efficient and environmentally-friendly ocean transportation.

Explore Carrier + Vessel Solutions

Yard Management

As a global leader in yard management solutions since 2004, Kaleris YMS offers a broad range of solutions that are trusted by leading brands and offer unique capabilities for real-time location systems, automated gate check-in, task automation, and more. Whether you’re looking to solve challenges for a large enterprise or a single-site yard, we have a solution for yards of all shapes and sizes.

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Unrivaled connectivity between ports, terminals, shipping lines, inland facilities, and shippers for an accelerated supply chain ecosystem. With a network mentality and a desire to enhance how supply chain partners collaborate with each other, we are steadfast in our approach to enabling the most granular data analytics from the world’s leading TOS, YMS, TMS, and MRO systems to optimize supply chain execution and improve efficiency in mission-critical operations.


Case Study | Kraft Heinz

Kraft Improves visibility and gains efficiencies with Kaleris yard management system

“Certainly from a corporate perspective, it helps us to get a little bit more of a pulse on what’s going on out in the field”

-Kelly Rae, Associate Director, Route-to-Market

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Case Study | Pactiv

Enterprise Yard management – How Pactiv improved its yard operations across twelve facilities

“…functionalities like automated emails to carrier partners (i.e., notification to pick up a loaded trailer) have greatly improved our on-time delivery to our customers.”

-Chris Snow, Pactiv Fleet Manager

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Case Study | Daimler

Kaleris Solutions Drive Supply Chain Efficiencies for Daimler Trucks

“[Kaleris] is pioneering a new way to automate”

-Daimler IT Manager

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