Success Story • September 26 ,2022

Carhartt Case Study

TOPIC • Manufacturer

Kaleris YMS Gives Global Apparel Manufacturer Up-to-the-Minute Data on its Yard Operations


Carhartt uses the Kaleris YMS to streamline its previously manual yard management processes and to seamlessly integrate its new solution into the firm’s existing TMS and WMS platforms.

Seeking a more streamlined, efficient alternative to its manual yard management processes, global apparel manufacturing firm Carhartt sought out a cloud-based Yard Management System (YMS) that could be implemented quickly and subsequently integrated with its existing Transportation Management System (TMS) and Warehouse Management System (WMS).

With global operations in the U.S., Mexico, and Europe, Carhartt ships all of its customer and consumer orders from a single facility in Western Kentucky that includes two drop lots and several satellite yards. The facility operates around the clock, particularly during Carhartt’s peak shipping months.

Carhartt required a YMS that would give real-time information on where trailers are located from the time they drive through the gate and for the entire time that they are onsite.

“Visibility to incoming and outgoing shipments is not only a critical need, but it’s a very necessary part of doing business,” says Andra Gibson, project manager. Andra’s team needed to know which trailers were on-site, how many times those trailers moved, what inbound and outbound loads were carrying, and the estimated time of exit of those vehicles exited the premises.

“We needed a solution that was more effective than manual yard checks and a paper trail that we utilized up to that point, to support the volume of movements that we were actually seeing,” says Gibson. “We also needed a better way to track information on the drivers and equipment that was passing through our gates for security purposes.”

The Right Solution
When shopping for its new YMS, Carhartt wanted a standalone platform that could at some point be easily integrated into the company’s existing WMS and TMS. Using a project team comprised of individuals from its logistics and IT departments, Carhartt began evaluating solutions that would automate processes like evaluating appointments, scheduling, guard check-in & check-out procedures, and trailer tracking.

“It was really important that the solution be able to grow with us as our business continued to grow and change,” says Gibson. “Upon review of Kaleris’ proposal, our project team considered their hosted YMS solution as being truly the ‘best in class’ in each of our evaluation areas.”

Posting Big Wins
Upon implementing its cloud-based YMS, Carhartt began to see immediate results in the form of better trailer and inventory visibility, easy access to data and reports, and better information capture. “We began achieving our goals of improved visibility and increased driver efficiency right out of the gate,” Gibson says.

“We were capturing more information about the equipment that was coming into our location—including the size and condition of the trailer, and whether it needed to be serviced—all in one place,” she continues. “That’s something we weren’t able to do before.”

In addition, Gibson’s team suddenly had reliable data to work with and a broad range of reports to select from and utilize. “We could pull those reports and put them to good use. That was another big win for us.”