Shipment Scheduling

Real-time, auto-updated inventory and equipment forecast and planning tool

Connected for Cohesive Solutions

Automated inventory and equipment forecast tool by importing contract, order, rail shipment, truck shipment, and transload management details to provide the visibility needed to plan, monitor, and adjust logistics activities months in advance.  By importing contract and nomination data, the logistic plan schedules future ‘planned’ shipments and adjusts plans once shipments are executed.​

Dynamic Logistics Planning & Forcasting


  • Provides visibility needed to plan, monitor, and adjust logistics activities​
  • Schedules future ‘planned’ shipments, once actual shipments have been executed​
  • Dynamically adjusts plans based on actual productivity
  • Integrated with Truck Carrier Management (TCM) for real-time tracking of Trucked Orders​
  • Import Projected Production, Purchase orders, and Projected shipments via upload or integration​
  • Location and Regional views
  • Real-time, auto-updated inventory & equipment forecasts – from TRAX and SCY​

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