Webinar | YMS 7.0 Release

Unlock the Future of Yard Management – YMS 7.0
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Exciting times are ahead as we prepare to unveil what’s coming your way in the Yard Management Systems(YMS7.0 release, designed to elevate yard management capabilities to the next level. Join our upcoming webinar to discover the impressive features of YMS 7.0.


Here is a glimpse of what will be covered:

  • Dock Director – Smarter Dock Operations
    • Empower dock workers with a user-friendly touchscreen interface and real-time visibility
    • Streamline tasks, optimize loading/unloading, and reduce delays
    • Dock supervisors gain real-time insights for data-driven decisions
  • Trailer Movement – Yard Management made more intelligent
    • Seamlessly manage trailer moves to and from dock doors and parking spots
    • Real-time visibility for yard truck drivers and intelligent move control
    • Enhance overall yard operations
  • BLE Tag Integration – Real-time trailer tracking
    • Automate arrival, departure, and location updates
    • Seamless communication with Radiant for enhanced trailer management
    • Experience real-time updates and optimized gate processes
  • Driver Precheck-in Application – Effortless Check-Ins
    • Streamline driver check-in for Live Inbound and Outbound shipments
    • Reduce congestion, optimize resources, and enhance communication for efficient yard operations


This webinar is a wonderful opportunity to get a firsthand look at how YMS 7.0 will revolutionize yard operations. Further insights can be found in the comprehensive YMS 7.0 release document, so stay tuned!


Join Us as our Team discusses on the above and more for an efficient, safe, and smarter yard operations.


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